Global DNA Methylation

Service Description

CpG Methylation

Assess the average amount of DNA methylation globally within a sample by Pyrosequencing.

Repetitive elements (such as the LINE/Alu elements in humans), constitute close to 45% of the mammalian genome. It is thus a routine method to measure global DNA methylation levels by analyzing these repetitive fragments.

EpigenDx analyzes methylation by direct Pyrosequencing after bisulfite conversion of DNA. All of our assays are pre-validated to ensure there is no preferential amplification for either methylated or unmethylated DNA, allowing us to provide you with the highest quality data and results.

Step 1: Select a Global DNA Methylation Marker

Human Global Methylation
  • Human LINE-1 Element
  • Human Alu Elements
  • Human SAT2 Element
  • Human HERVE LTR Elements
Mouse Global Methylation
  • Mouse LINE-1 Element
  • Mouse B1 Element
  • Mouse IAP Element
Rat Global Methylation
  • Rat LINE-1 Element
  • Rat ID Element
  • Rat Satellite-I

Step 2: Choose an Ideal Plan for You

All parts of our methylation services are customizable and modular. Pick and choose the service plan that is appropriate and ideal for your needs.

Items Service Products Description Order
8001 DNA Methylation Analysis – Standard Quantitative Methylation Analysis on submitted bisulfite-converted PCR products

  • Perform Pyrosequencing run & methylation analysis ONLY
Inquiry / Order
8002 DNA Methylation Analysis – Gold Quantitative Methylation Analysis on submitted bisulfite modified DNA

  • Perform PCR reactions
  • Perform Pyrosequencing methylation analysis
Inquiry / Order
8003 DNA Methylation Analysis – Premium Quantitative Methylation Analysis on submitted genomic DNA

  • Perform bisulfite modification
  • Perform PCR reactions
  • Perform Pyrosequencing analysis
Inquiry / Order

Turn-around time is 5-15 days for most DNA methylation services, depending the number of assays and samples sent. Click here for a detailed breakdown of EpigenDx’s methylation service workflow.

Step 3: Results

EpigenDx analyzes the raw data and delivers:

    • The percentage methylation values of each CpG site in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
    • The raw pyrograms in a PDF document.

Interpretation of Data

Methylation data can then be applied to research. For example, normal healthy individuals maintain high methylation levels (75-85%) in the LINE-1 elements to suppress retrotransposons that would otherwise copy and transpose themselves erratically across the genome. Abnormally low methylation in the LINE elements have been shown to be common in many malignancies, due to genomic instability.

Figure 1: Methylation Average of 1892 Normal Purified Blood LINE1 Samples
Sample Application of DNA Methylation Data

Speak with experts at EpigenDx for high quality technical support and consultation through all phases of the project, from assay design to data delivery.