Pyrosequencing Technology for Methylation Analysis

EpigenDx is the world-wide leading Pyrosequencing service provider in the biotechnology industry. Our lab has nearly fifteen years of expertise in Pyrosequencing technology and assay design. We offer quality services, excellent customer support, and rapid turnaround time. Our design team is skilled in working with even the most difficult regions for epigenomic applications.

CpG Methylation

Over 7000+ Validated Assays Offered

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A Real-Time and Quantitative Solution

Pyrosequencing is EpigenDx’s choice platform for loci-specific DNA methylation analysis since it is fast, cost-effective, and can accurately provide real-time quantitative percent methylation reads. This makes it ideal for applications involving allele quantification. A single Pyrosequencing run for DNA methylation is equivalent to sequencing 20 clones with traditional Sanger Bisulfite Sequencing.

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Loci-Specific DNA Methylation

Measure the percent methylation levels of all individual CpG sites in a target region (PCR amplicon).

Global DNA Methylation

Assess the average amount of DNA methylation globally in a sample.

Allele-Specific Quantitation

Quantify the amounts of two alleles at a basepair resolution.

SNP Genotyping

SNP and mutation genotyping via Pyrosequencing technology.

Custom Assay Design

Send us a custom target region with your gene of interest. We will design and validate the assay.

The Services Include:

Items Service Products Description Order
8001 DNA Methylation Analysis – Standard Quantitative Methylation Analysis on submitted bisulfite-converted PCR products

  • Perform Pyrosequencing run & methylation analysis ONLY
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8002 DNA Methylation Analysis – Gold Quantitative Methylation Analysis on submitted bisulfite modified DNA

  • Perform PCR reactions
  • Perform Pyrosequencing methylation analysis
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8003 DNA Methylation Analysis – Premium Quantitative Methylation Analysis on submitted genomic DNA

  • Perform bisulfite modification
  • Perform PCR reactions
  • Perform Pyrosequencing analysis
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8005 Bisulfite modification Bisulfite modification on submitted genomic DNA

  • Process extracted genomic DNA from different sample sources, such as paraffin embedded tissues, frozen tissues, serum, and more
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8006 Assay Design – Standard Pyrosequencing primer design for DNA methylation, SNP genotyping, and allele specific expression analysis:

  • Customer provides target sequences
  • Customer designs PCR primers
  • EpigenDx determines validity of the PCR primers, designs Pyrosequencing primers, and determines the biotin labeled PCR primers.
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8008 Assay Design – Premium Design and optimize PCR and Pyrosequencing primers for DNA methylation analysis, SNP genotyping, and allele specific expression analysis:

  • Design PCR and Pyrosequencing primers
  • Develop and optimize PCR conditions
  • Develop and optimize Pyrosequencing conditions
  • Perform assay validation
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