About Us

About Our Business

EpigenDx was incorporated in 2006 as a genomic and epigenomic research company specializing in disease biomarker discovery, validation and molecular diagnosis, with an unmatched expertise in the field of DNA methylation analysis.

EpigenDx provides superior products and laboratory services for scientific researchers from academic, government and industrial communities from all over the world. Our commitment to quality reflects our desire and dedication to provide the best products and services to our customers. EpigenDx has extensive knowledge and expertise in Pyrosequencing, targeted Next-Gen Sequencing, bisulfite sequencing, and various epigenomic research analysis techniques and methods stemming from our years of experience in the industry.

We Deliver:

  • Superior technical expertise in genomic and epigenomic technologies, specializing in quantitative CpG methylation analysis
  • Unmatched quality in products and services for the academic, government and industrial communities worldwide
  • Custom assay design and analytical services with an assay database of thousands of Off-the-Shelf designs ready to go
  • Aggressive timelines with regular project updates
  • Highest quality technical support and consultation from design phase through project completion and data delivery